Blended Workforce Management

On-board blended workforce faster with a simplified process. Attain better control and accountability for service delivery through intelligently defined dynamic business rules to leverage your blended workforce. Increase visibility and control of blended workforce and their work orders through:

  • Seamless onboarding process using easy-to-use and intelligent tools
  • Configurable value-based multi-level SLA
  • Configurable workflow management
  • Configurable work life cycle
  • Template-based work management
  • Flexible roster management
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Blended Workforce Management Demo


  • Faster on-boarding of the blended workforce
  • Reduce implementation time from months to a week
  • Eliminate manual work order creation and increase productivity
  • Define, add, delete, and modify service delivery rules dynamically to automate intelligent job routing for maximized outcomes
  • Visualize business value to improve job routing and assignment