Scheduling and Optimization

Our AI-based scheduling and optimization algorithm ensures that the best technician is available for a service at the least cost. It makes informed decisions by weighing capacity, resource management, budget, commitments/SLAs, distance to cover and other parameters to dispatch the best suited resource. The process occurs with minimal human intervention with only exceptional cases sent to the back-office. Our solution helps meet customer expectations for service delivery by:

  • Optimized utilization of technicians
  • Reduced cost of field service operations (e.g., fewer dispatchers and call center calls, higher first-time fix)
  • Reduced customer and employee churn
  • Real-time optimization based on business constraints
  • Overriding capabilities for on-demand requests
  • Live status updates and real-time alerts
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Scheduling and Optimization Demo


  • Reduce cost of service delivery (e.g., travel costs, time, utilization, # jobs/day, overtime, back office overhead)
  • Increase First time fix rate, Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), time to service delivery
  • Minimize rate of no-shows, rate of cancelled appointments, rate of rescheduled appointments
  • Reduction in number of regulatory and SLA violations
  • Improve CSAT, NPS, tNPS significantly